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Be always in tuch with your friends

Comment they actions, comment they posts and add images to the comment. Your Friends will be more than happy to have you next to them always and happy to share with you emmotions!


Like posts and comments of your friends, they will be pleased as you are appreciating they travels, they activities and everthing what they`ve decided to share with Community, wich are firstly the best friends.


Filter activity stream by post type or publisher. You can search now faster and more efficient the posts of specifical friends, or as per type of post (photo, video), to stay in tuch, stay bosted and always next to the community friends.

Admin Posts

Sometimes admin can post a special stream post with advices, annoncements, deals, offers, the most popular groups, photos, members, and more. Always is important!

Cover photos and avatars

Share your favorite cover photo and profile with the community. Place the profile info content right on the profile cover, and the the world to know about you!


Receive real-time alerts on new comments, likes, friend requests and messages. Keep your friends engaged and interested all the time. Receive alerts via email and as well on the site in real time, as per your choise.


Our Members can schedule events, invite friends and easily keep track of their real-life meetings. Make events private or public, show event location and information, update the event with posts, share videos, photos and more. Share the event on social media sites. Show a list of event participants. Invite friends to join the event. Everthing at your service! Let your friends to know what you value and celebrate!


Groups can share videos, photos, and status updates, invite friends, schedule events and hold important discussions. Post status, videos, images and more inside the group. Discuss any topics relevant to the group. Groups can be private, public or secret. Create group events for group members only. Share files with other group members. Make any announcements related to the group. Invite friends and collegues to join the group.


Tag faces on photos you or other members upload. View photos with navigation, comments and other options. Each member, group and event has its own photo galleries.


Our Members can easily share videos from all the major video sites, including YouTube, Vimeo and many others. We import the title and description automatically for your convenience. Upload your videos, create video categories to organize your videos, share videos from video, t ag members in videos, display videos in video galleries, display videos in video galleries.